Outdoor Ads Contrast Pizza Hut Timeliness with 'Filipino Time'


In the Philippines, or maybe just among Filipinos, nothing happens on time. It's one of those things that drive us crazy. When we attended the premier for The Debut (an awkward Filipino-American movie you should never EVER watch), it started 45 minutes late. The director, who was present, gave us a winning grin and said, "Filipino time. You know how it is."

Giggles issued all around, followed by the crunching noise of smuggled food. ARG.

To promote the merits of Pizza Hut's on-time delivery in the Philippines, the creative team at BBDO Guerrero Ortega sent us the outdoor printwork for its campaign, "Hate Late?"

Check out meanings for the following:

"Just Parking"

"Nine o'Clock Sharp"

"Stuck in Traffic"

In addition to billboards that interpret common excuses for tardiness, the effort includes digital signage that reflect waffly times like "10:ish."

Cute. We'd probably find it funnier if we didn't remember having to wait over an hour for our own surprise party to show up. Two years in a row. (After the consequent conniption fit, our parents decided to stop throwing them.)

Update, 2/7: BBDO Guerrero Ortega reported the "Hate Late?" campaign has increased delivery sales 18 percent YOY. Pizza Hut Worldwide also issued the agency a Yum award for the effort.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 5-08   Click to Comment   
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