Ripped Abs, Bikinied Bodies Celebrate Positives of Global Warming


There's no reason the debate over global warming has to center on films created by former vice presidents when it can include guys with six packs and girls with impossibly hot bodies. That's the direction LAVA Communications' Steve Hirst took with a new Australia-based campiagn he's placed on the social campaign site GoShout.

The campaign's video depicts winter in the year 2079. While one might expect to see bleak, snow covered imagery, we, instead, are presented with what turns out to be a pool party complete with bikinied booty and bare chested six packs. Because, ya know, global warming has eliminated winter.

The gist of the campiagn is that it spoofs global warming by positioning it as a positive complete with graphs illustrating how the human species, in warm weather, are far more receptive to hooking up than when it's cold. Charts and graphs illustrate this to be true.

Also part of the campaign is a social network of sorts on which people can participate in the conversation about the campiagn and, more importantly, the issue of global warming.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 8-08   Click to Comment   
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The makers of this are on drugs, or paid by the Bush administration. I guess everyone will be skinny when agriculture fails, and mass starvation begins.

Posted by: Ted on February 11, 2008 11:42 PM