Divinity Metrics Measures Brands' Online Video Presence


Divinity Metrics has put together a chart measuring the top 20 brands in online video. It will be updated every week. At first we were gonna compare it to the AdAge Power 150, a measuring stick for the top media and marketing blogs, but it's not really like that. It's more like the Dow Jones.

Top 20 brands are static and were chosen beforehand by analysts. They are: BMW, Disney, Audi, Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Mercedes, Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EBay, McDonald's, Budweiser, Hyndai, Motorola, Taco Bell, Chrysler, Dell, Fedex, and American Express.

You can argue against this logic, or at least learn more about what Divinity Metrics plans to accomplish, here.

This is the dM Brand20 Index. BMW is currently leading with 129,953,103 streams. Streams are based on videos aggregated for the brand by Scope, a video measurement platform.

Our big question to dM: Why a static list? The industry is still evolving. Make the Top 20 dynamic and give a maverick a chance to shock us all into submission. You know, like when the Beatles first topped the pop charts.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 5-08   Click to Comment   
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