Royal Enfield Brings the 'Tripper' Out in Everybody


We just got a ton of creative from a new Royal Enfield campaign in Delhi. It's called "Trip" -- not to be confused with what happens when you ingest too many of the wrong kind of mushrooms.

Pretty standard profile-of-a-user stuff. Each one has a picture of a dude, his name and his motorcycle, followed by a brief timeline of "whoa!" and "damn!" activities. Each timeline ends with "Tripping ever since," which refers to when they started riding Royal Enfields.

Profile campaigns are sort of like the Zodiac. If you add enough variation and disseminate the ads across enough media, you're bound to trigger an irrational "Hey, that's TOTALLY ME!" in anybody curious enough to linger on the copy.

We just wonder if the product comes second to the self-fellating that follows when somebody "connects" with their John Doe of choice.

The creative for cinematographer Andre Mendes is at left, but there are so many that you'll probably see some vestige of yourself in at least one or two. (Don't thank us when you've stumbled upon validation; thank W+K, Delhi.) See:

o Footballer Bruno Francisco Coutinho
o Psych student Darshikha Saxona (who incidentally has ovaries. This is TOTALLY ME!)
o Rishi "July" Satsangi, educationalist and management consultant (possibly also the stand-in for Desh the assassin in Bourne Ultimatum)
o Bike builder Lalli Singh
o Fashion boutique owner Meghna Khanna
o Traveler and bike builder Paul Smith
o Kr. VP Singh the "gentleman farmer." Does that mean he tills the earth with gloves?

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 3-08   Click to Comment   
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Hah hah.. check their latest TRIP ad:

the number plate does not correspond with what's written.

Posted by: JK on May 28, 2008 1:11 PM

First campaing from Royal Enfield impressing on the "Cult Brand" image!
Go Bullet!!!

Posted by: Ashu on May 29, 2008 6:35 AM