Weezer Wired, Hulk Whored, Philly Punks Out, Billboard Butters Up


- Wired interviewed the director of Weezer's Pork and Beans music video, which is a whiplash-inducing tribute to 'net-ebrities.

- Apptera promotes The Incredible Hulk to callers who request information on Iron Man.

- I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! launched a site called Now We Know Better. Scroll over the vintage homemakers to see them magically turn into ... modern homemakers! The site's a dream destination for daytime TV addicts: game shows, girl talk and margarine.

- Here's a billboard that pokes fun at your inability to click it away. It's for billboard publisher Gewista, and it's targeted to ad agencies. (Each board is personalized and positioned right outside an agency's window or door.) The agency responsible is Bircher/Rabl.

- It couldn't do hipster and it couldn't be gay. This time around, Philly tries passing for a rebel.

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