Vampires Unite, Fight for Suffrage -- Oh, and Your Viewership


If you knew a vampire didn't need to feed on human blood to survive, would you let him sit next to you on the bus? That's the question behind this cheesy (but compelling) online campaign for True Blood, a new HBO series from Six Feet Under's Alan Ball.

Put together by Campfire -- the same zany folks that convinced you a sadistic witch lived in Maryland -- the effort tries drumming up controversy for a synthetic blood beverage called Tru Blood, which will liberate vampires from their need to feed on people and finally enable them to demand equal treatment among the living.

The campaign launched in June and already there are 53 videos on the dedicated YouTube site. While that probably sounds sad for a push you've heard nothing about, HuffPo says HBO promoted it last week at the Television Critics Association Tour. If post-TCA hype is any authority, this is the biggest thing since Entourage.

What you can expect from the September 7 premiere: two crazy kids in love -- one with fangs, one without -- struggling to be understood in a close-minded society that believes "God hates fangs!" There's apparently also a ton of vampire-on-human sex, which I guess is more than enough reason to buy cable.

See more on BloodCopy, an Al-Jazeera-style society bent on getting the inside scoop on our volatile new non-human friends. This should bring some freaks out.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-15-08   Click to Comment   
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