25 Best and Worst Fall TV Ads Critiqued


An atrocious "Top Model" poster, a diabolically clever "Dexter" campaign, a witty "Chuck" ad, an insanely Candyland-looking "Biggest Loser" promo and an all-too-sleepy "Fringe" billboard are among the 25 best and worst fall TV "key art" ads bluntly critiqued and graded in a slideshow on Hollywood Reporter's The Live Feed blog.

The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd tells us, "Project was inspired by sitting in LA traffic, looking at the annual fall deluge of TV ad billboards and thinking it might be interesting to review the most compelling ones."

Check it out here. One of my favorites, Gossip Girl is first up.

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Creative Commentary, Outdoor, Poster, Television   

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For sure, Gossip Girl's campaign is delicious. Not as simply brilliant as the OMFG series from last year, but they're so sleazy/awesome, it's a pretty great capture of what the show's all about. There's a huge one right by my office in Hollywood...isn't that appropriate, right?

Dexter's is really smart, too. A nice change of pace from the uber-blood focus from seasons 1 & 2. And not that I'm going to watch the show, but The Ex-List has a fairly cute viral outdoor posting thing going on, just a picture of the lead & "HaveYouDatedThisWoman.com." However, loses points for just redirecting to the CBS page.

Posted by: Amy Yen on September 24, 2008 4:55 PM