Death by MINI? Sensational.


In an online spot called "Bzzzz. Mini Clubman," a passel of geriatric houseflies gather 'round for the emotional funeral of an ex-buddy, whose death is characterized as one "every fly wishes for," "legendary" and "bigger than life."

What happened to him? He was flattened mid-flight by a Clubman.

"Between life and death, he chose death ... a sensational death," the priest sighs, leaving listeners with a sense of posthumous absolution.

The Guerrilla Marketing Blog points out "Bzzzz. Mini Clubman" generated nearly 100,000 views on YouTube since its September 8 launch. Reception's been mixed (see YouTube comments) but the video still rates four out of five stars.

I think it was a little long. The ending, predictable enough, didn't generate any feelings beyond a mild, forgettable distaste. (Humor that makes sport of suicide is always kind of awkward. Remember how everybody wilded out about the depressed GM robot?)

I like how the flies all looked like senior citizens in costume, though. Nice gothic touch.

UPDATE: Herbert at the Guerrilla Marketing Blog sent over a making-of video for this spot. See the zany old women behind the fly masks!

by Angela Natividad    Sep-22-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Online, Strange, Video, Viral   

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