Step Right Up, Getchyer Ironic Political Buttons Right Here!


Inspired by all the election-time media-whoring, Make the Logo Bigger designed buttons that depict what voters McCain and Obama are going after.

Variants include Carnies for McCain, Luthiers for Obama; Fluffers for McCain, Cobblers for Obama; Women for McCain, Women for Obama. (Sure, Obama scored with women when Hillary endorsed him, but the GOP pulled out the big guns when top Republican women rallied in defense of Sarah Palin earlier today.)

For those of you that watched Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the RNC tonight, the button at left is a tribute to one of the many soundbite-worthy statements she made: "Do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick."

...Yeah. I'm holding out for a "Drill baby drill!" pin though, because you know that shit was bananas.

by Angela Natividad    Sep- 4-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Consumer Created, Online, Political, Spoofs   

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While I was somewhat impressed with Palin and her speech last night after having heard all the dirt the press dug up about her, that entire scene last night was just weird. Whether or not oil is part of the answer, chanting "drill baby drill" on national TV is hardly, in my humble opinion, the way to get elected. I can't wait to see all the parodies of that one today.

I did enjoy the slap down of political correctness gone insane though and I can actually attest to Palin's statement about soccer moms. Believe me, you DO NOT want to cross them and they are a mighty force with which to be reckoned.

Posted by: Steve Hall on September 4, 2008 10:12 AM

I was wowed. Wish the ticket were reversed though I anticipate Palin vs Clinton in 2012!

Posted by: Arthur on September 4, 2008 4:18 PM

Pitbull in lipstick? What's another name for a female dog?

Posted by: 08AMA on September 4, 2008 6:40 PM

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin asked delegates at the 2008 Republican National Convention, "(What's) the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?" and, moments later, brought down the house with her answer: "Lipstick!"

That line combined with several others delivered during a spectacular 40-minute address to prove the maverick governor from Alaska knows how to use humor in much the same way as a fighter pilot uses precision-guided weapons. The moment was priceless.

To capture the moment forever, The Bob McCarty Shop is now offering MY PIT BULL WEARS LIPSTICK! merchandise.

Posted by: Bob on September 5, 2008 6:37 PM