Digital Dives, Pessimism Pervades, Parker Prowls, Brand Gene Discovered


- David Armano has mapped the Agency Path to Enlightenment. From Cannes to creativity, it's all there.

- The economy's nosedive is taking a bite out of "experimental" media such as virtual worlds, mobile and widgets according to the Wall Street Journal.

- Economic negativity is now running rampant in advertising. Come on, people. A little "glass half full" optimism can't really be a bad thing, can it?

- George Parker is on a mission so save WPP it?

- McKinney has emerged triumphant from the agency smack down for the Sherein-Williams account.

- Repower America has sparked a heated debate on YouTube with its commercial urging us to break oils lock on government.

- Best Buy is testing a new, modernized logo at its Minnesota Mall of America location. We vote for the old, cheesy version.

- "In an article appearing today in the scientific journal Zeitgeist Illustrated, a pair of researchers from the University of Search Engine Optimization claim to have discovered the brand gene." Hmm.

- Seems yet another agency is "stealing" work and passing it off as their own. Can't buy it? Copy it and resell it without credit.

- National Geographic features mountains of meat.

- Imagine if the man in this ad were a woman. Would the ad be seen as objectifying?

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Research, Trends and Culture   

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