Draft/FCB Shake Up Coming, DirecTV Gets Ideas, Enfatico'd Ethics


- George Parker's spies have informed him there may be a "major shake up" coming soon to a Draft/FCB office near you.

- You've seen all those DirecTV ads, right? The ones that play off the scenes of various movies? The current one pays homage to Poltergeist. Tirico Suave has plenty of suggestions for more.

- With Guns 'N Roses releasing its Chinese Democracy album soon, Dr. Pepper, who claimed they couldn't get it done this year (and if they did, would give a free bottle of Dr. Pepper to everyone in America) must now live up to its promise.

- Audi asks you to Meet the Beckers.

- If you want to hear a bunch of experts on the topic of the internet benefiting small businesses, sign up for the Solution Stars Video Conference. Apparently, I'm an expert because I'm one of the speakers. But, you'll have to watch and decide.

- An anonymous readers asks, "Does anyone find it a little strange (and pseudo unethical) that the person who orchestrated the Enfatico disaster is now the managing director of Enfatico Austin?"

- Canadian Club Whiskey has extended its "Damn Right Your Dad Drank It" campaign with Movember, a mustache-growing contest which lets you mustache your best friends.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Campaigns   

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Re: Solutions Stars Conference

I noted the conference is being sponsored by Network Solutions. While you are there, if you have time, ask those douchenozzles why the e-mail system that comes with their website-hosting package BLOWS? Customer service doesnt seem to want to answer the question. they should clean their own house before they invite company.

thanks ;)

Posted by: Kevin Horne on October 26, 2008 11:37 AM