Canada Finds Another Home For Its Surplus of Guns


And here we thought Canadians were such a caring, giving people. So it comes with great sadness and shock to find the nation one of the least philanthropic in the world providing just 0.28 percent of it gross national income to countries in need.

To rectify that imbalance, War Child Canada is out with a new campaign, Help Child Soldiers, which encourages Canadians to donate guns and supplies to the estimated 300,000 across the globe who have been drafted into various regimes and armed forces.

A video and posters stating "It's never too early for war!" and "War is for kids!" urge Canadians to take action.

The pro bono campaign was created by Toronto's john st. along with Hill & Knowlton.

Seems Canada's got a lot of guns just hanging around. Just last month, a campaign entitled Pixels for Pistols urged Toronto area residents to turn in firearms in exchange for Nikon digital cameras.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-08   Click to Comment   
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Are they out of their freakin' minds? Never give up your guns. Voluntary or otherwise!!

Posted by: Bob Cormier on December 9, 2008 3:33 PM

Well, this seems to answer my question last time about where the guns are going.

Posted by: Travis Parker on December 9, 2008 5:10 PM