De Beers Exploits the Mistletoe Moment


Betty Everett once advised a shoop-happy generation that a man's true feelings lie in his kiss. That may be so. But if social media's taught us anything, it's that you are in no position to decide by yourself.

Thankfully there's De Beers, which gave us the chance to idly pass judgment on the kisses of many, many strangers. Does hubby love you? We'll decide.

For the last two weeks De Beers has been at a New York City Park, baiting apple-cheeked couples with a giant wreath of mistletoe. In exchange for a $5 donation to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, holiday romantics can leap beneath the wreath while 60 (count 'em, 60!) cameras immortalize the smooch from all 360 degrees.

The photos were turned into panning videos that gave us unexpected warm-fuzzies. (We've yet to see any obvious kisses-of-death, but maybe we need more angles.) My favourite is the one below for "Elena and Andrey," two people I'll never meet but that hopefully dig the world looking in on their moment of flashbulb ecstasy. Oh, to be that young again.

Play the voyeur at De Beers' Gallery of Moments, where a broad array of couples are waiting for you to peek in on their flagrant snoggery. Each video concludes with "A diamond is forever" and an invitation to view behind-the-scenes footage.

by Angela Natividad    Dec- 5-08   Click to Comment   
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