If It Doesn't Seem Very Bright, That's Because It's Not.


Then again, LA Gear has never been the sharpest tool in the marketer shed.

From the Raging Artists website:

The vlogger, Kamila Kalish, wears only LA Gear sneakers in her postings. A teacher from Las Vegas (believe it or not, they DO have schools there!), Kamila met the Sportie LA team last year at a trade show and gave her some new gear - LA Gear, as it happens (the brand has just relaunched an updated version of their classic Unstoppable line).

The owners of Sportie LA were so moved by Kamila's latest video - an emotional posting in which she reflects on the appointment of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the third female Secretary of State - that they are having Kamila share a 10% discount on all of its brand new LA Gear product, Wednesday, February 11.

Two things worth noting:

  • four videos and a one-month track record on YouTube does not a vlogger make.

  • The owners of Sportie LA -- supposedly an independent LA Gear retailer -- were moved by Kamila's Hillary Clinton girl power speech? Watch it and tell us if you were moved.

The LA Gear Unstoppable relaunch was orchestrated by "eGency" SLAM, which oddly enough stands for "Sportie LA Media." The firm -- which, you'll note, also serves as client -- swears it's already gotten brand lift from Kamila's inspiring endorsements, which according to YouTube have racked up a record-breaking 164 views.

You people can't even do astroturf right. So you prop up a fake blogger. Whatevs. Now that she's online, and publishing things that are going to be seen, the best you can do is staple text ads over her face and shots of her swinging her fucking feet -- then lie about brand lift?!!

GET OUT OF THE RING. You're embarrassing everyone around you.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-12-09   Click to Comment   
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