World Almanac Explains Why David Cook's on the Cover


And it's exactly as boring as the title of the post suggests. The sad part is, this video is the most popular of World Almanac's two (and counting!) attempts to go viral.

We'd rather watch the Sonic Hearing infomercial 42 times. And on that same note, we'd rather peruse the infinitely-less-useful Guinness Book of World Records than pick up the World Almanac.

It's hardly the same value proposition, but both are relative time-wasters and have about the same chance of falling to the wayside. The difference is, pop culture is loaded with people and advertisers that are still going out of their way to get into Guinness.

Yeah, we know: the World Almanac has trivia quizzes! for trivia buffs!. Neat. But nobody cares if you know the answers to questions like "Which of the following celebrities will not turn 40 in 2009: Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, Tina Fey, or Jennifer Aniston?"

That example's from the pressie, which suggests it's one of the more appealing tidbits the average American can expect to glean from this oeuvre. But it's neither rigorous enough for Jeopardy aficionados nor granular enough for celebrity data-junkies.

It's bland. Like this effort (or lack of one).

by Angela Natividad    Feb-24-09   Click to Comment   
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