Norwegian Parkinson's Association Pokes Fun at, Uh, Parkinson's.


Rather than focus on fractured families and the slow, tragic waltz toward death, the Norwegian Parkinson's Association (Norges Parkinsonforbund) decided to add a little jazz to its disease awareness campaign.

And by "jazz" we mean you'll probably release an involuntary smirk, then put on your Serious Creative Face and soberly acknowledge the work's incendiary nature, the poor taste, etc etc.

The following were put together in tandem with the Westerdals School of Communication and will be running on a Norwegian TV near you.

o "Sen Reaksjon" (Late reaction):

o "Gangbesvaer" (Walking difficulties):

Lobalized, which is far less crass than we, delicately acknowledged the dilemma that seizes you in time with Mr. Bartender's inopportune spasms:

We have to say the first time we saw the ads we laughed out loud, but of course the question opens up for some people if you are allowed to make fun about the symptoms of such a disease. Our opinion is that whatever creates awareness for a disease is good for the people suffering from it, so congrats from us to Norway!

Well hell, it doesn't get anymore straightforward than that.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-14-09   Click to Comment   
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