Mojito at the Ready, Bacardi Saunters Through Time


"Eras" marks the start of Bacardi's newest campaign. So many beautiful things are packed into it, and knitted together so nicely, that our cups runneth over. This is us, incoherently gushing.

We'll start with the end, because the end is the beginning: "Bacardi Mojito. Since 1862." Pan to the present, where a guy at a club realizes his mojito's spent, and walks to the bar for a fresh one. As he cuts unassumingly through the crowds, the decades slip slowly backward.

Moving from that moment to the next, imagine Levi's "Dangerous Liaisons," except without the frenzy. The guy's pace is leisurely, his expression politely curious. The party-goers around him are lavish in their period costumes and in their pursuits.

Those of you with the Mad Men aesthetic will get your fill, but we were partial to the more whimsical mod moments.

By the time he arrives at the bar, he's hit 1862, a moment marked by the powerful meeting of eyes between himself and a demure brunette.

Affectionate gazes go to Young & Rubicam for the spot, which left us craving a mojito's style if not its taste. Expect to see it run through summer on USA, TNT, TBS, Spike, IFC, FX, ESPN, Discovery and Comedy Central. Digital efforts will pan across Facebook and MySpace; Bacardi will also be doing its BLIVE tour with Matt and Kim, whose irreverent track Daylight gave "Eras" its chill languid feel.

by Angela Natividad    May- 5-09   Click to Comment   
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This is definitely the "ad of the moment" and I think it will be huge. The sets and costumes are beautiful and the idea of walking back through the decades is at once appealing and appropriate, perfectly reinforcing the heritage of the brand.

In a way this ad also reminds me of the series of other "generational" ads done for New York Life a few years back, "News" and "Generations," and another, "Policy," in which a NYL insurance policy sits on a desk while the decades fly by and the phones, papers and desk change with the times, while the policy remains solid. Again, a perfect reinforcement of stability.

Anyway, this one was very well done. Kudos to Y&R!

Posted by: Stephen A. on May 5, 2009 2:34 PM

Wow this ad definately has potential to be a strong follow up to the infectiously popular Mojito ad from Bacardi from summers past. While this one seems to have more substance than "dance music and good looking crowd" it still keeps to a nice vibe and feel good atmosphere.

Angela - how did you find this spot? Did they release this to you early for PR purposes?

Posted by: Jon F. on May 5, 2009 11:02 PM

Jon -- the PR folk sent it to me. We love each other.

Posted by: Angela on May 6, 2009 12:26 PM

Bacardi's commercial has received few rants. And why would it? It's upbeat, hip, interesting, with great product positioning. I want a mojito after watching it. The ad even demonstrates historical revisionism in a positive way. So it's a marketing masterpiece, right? Think again about what the ad doesn't show: anywone over the age of about 30.

Posted by: Brent Green on June 4, 2009 11:40 AM

Brent, repeat after me: "You didn't start the fire." Advertising doesn't always have to be about Baby Boomers. As an X-er who's 42, I cheerfully admit that this ad may not have been aimed at me, but at 20-30-somethings. Big deal. Everyone can take something from it.

That said, frankly, it shows the 60s club scene that older folks like you remember (as well as the 80s club that *I* remember) so why ISN'T it aimed at Boomers and even Xers, too? I don't see your complaint as valid.

Posted by: Stephen A. on June 4, 2009 11:45 AM