Oh...My...God! Look At His Leads! They Are Soooo Hot!


Last month inbound marketing firm HubSpot won a New England Direct Marketing Association Gold B2B award for its You Oughta Know About Inbound Marketing video. Now the firm, which specializes in doing everything that makes people come to marketers versus the other way around, is out with another video.

Created by HubSot's Rebecca Corliss, the video is called Baby Got Leads, And, yes, it is a Sir Mix-A-Lot rif but this one's got Sir Convert-A-Lot who gets sprung about things like targeted landing pages, offers, indexable blogs, podcasts, forms and organic leads.

Along with Sir Convert-A-Lot, the video's got Lead Bro Brian Cantwell, Lead Lady Rebecca Corliss and Lead Lady Karen Rubin of sock puppet interview fame.

While we liked You Oughta Know About Inbound Marketing a little better with its detailed explanation of inbound marketing, Baby Got Leads has got Glee-worthy excitement. OK so maybe not as exciting as the actual Journey-fueled Glee but still. Who doesn't love a little Sir Mix-A-Lot in the morning?

Oh and speaking of Glee, we think Rebecca should do a video based on Glee when that phenomenon...um...gets sprung this fall. Because you know it will. Please, Rebecca, please?

And for those who follow HubSpot's closing hint and search Google for "inbound marketing," you'll stumble upon this earlier I'm A Mac/I'm A PC gem.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-09   Click to Comment   
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