4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand's Social Engagement


The way customers react with your brand has drastically changed in recent years. With the creation of many social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, audiences have many places to discuss and socialize about products before buying something. These customer interactions could be crucial elements to your business but you may be missing the bigger picture of how they can help.

Download this Spredfast whitepaper now to learn the 4 most effective ways to further the value of your social engagement and see how this can positively affect your brand.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Research

VW Canada Tells Heartwarming Story of 58-Year-Old Beetle Which Travelled Around the World 3 Times


My father owned a Beetle. I've owned two VW GTIs and one VW Passat. Volkswagen, it seems, is in our blood. And so it was with great pleasure to see this documentary Toronto-based Red Urban created which tells the 58 years story of VW Beetle VIN #903847.

After stumbling upon archival pictures featuring a man and his 1955 Beetle, Volkswagen Canada along with Red Urban, knew they had a story to tell. Tracking down 82-year old Paul Loofs, the man in the pictures, was just the beginning of a year-long project to bring the story of VIN 903847 to life.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Brands

The Ending of This Beautiful Valentine's Day Ad Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes


In any relationship, there are pros and cons, ups and downs, likes and dislikes, adorations and annoyances. But in any good relationship -- one that truly works -- each must take the good with the bad.

This Valentines Day-themed commercial created by BBDO Germany for Schwarzkopf Nectra Color celebrates this truism beautifully. It avoids cliche anc cheese and simply delivers wonder. Via.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Commercials

25 Design Trends for 2014 [Infographic]


Shutterstock, just like iStock did in December, is out with its collection of design trends for 20014. In a data-packed infographic, Shutter stock shares what's to come in the area of design universally, locally, what design elements people are searching for, what's trending in video and typography and what's being shared socially.

Here are the highlights:

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Trends and Culture

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Camera Drops From Plane, Lands in Pig Pen. Real or Viral Stunt?


As is always the case with amazing videos like this one uploaded by YouTube user Mia Munselle, a debate rages in comments as to its validity.

Munselle claims she found the camera -- which everyone (without any facts to back up the assumption) assumes is a GoPro -- 8 months after the video was shot.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Strange