New Company to Make Sure Your Brand Isn't Misrepresented Online


Over the last few years, as the online marketing industry has continued to grow and evolve, its practices and technologies have become increasingly complex. There are new marketing channels popping up all around us and opening up previously unknown revenue streams that are lucrative to both brand manufacturers and resellers alike.

The challenge for brands though is in taking advantage of these new opportunities, because despite their ability to generate more revenue, they also generate more potential risks for large brands because of the number and anonymity of the affiliates involved. Thus, companies often forfeit control over the ways in which their brand is represented in the hopes of earning more profit, but this is a dangerous game.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-27-14    
Topic: Tools

Creative 'Wet Dream' Has Mirands Kerr in Bed With Sneakers


Ladies? You wear sneakers to bed right? Partners of ladies, you love when she kicks the covers off and reveals her new Reebok Skyscape kicks, right? Well, apparently, the folks over at DDB New York do and they've snagged international supermodel Miranda Kerr to show you just how sexy wearing shoes to bed (and into the shower) can be.

And this wouldn't be a campaign featuring international supermodel Miranda Kerr if there weren't a TV commercial which voyeuristically drools all over Kerr as she returns home from a run, strips off her top, wriggles out of her thong-style panties and climbs into the shower.

Yup, another frustrated creative's wet dream in action.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-27-14    
Topic: Celebrity

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