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Tiger Woods Shot Fodder For Great Nike Ad

Rather than simply pointing out this past weekend's amazing shot by Tiger Woods would make a great Nike ad, Joe Jaffe just went out and made the ad. Well, he added "Just do it." to the end of the footage but it certainly does make for a great ad. Does this mean that if Nike does make the shot into an ad, they have to pay Jaffe? Hmm.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Commercials

Carat Serves Blogs to Clients

Carat Interactive has launched a blogging practice for its clients which consists of a three step starter kit helping clients monitor blogs, advertise on blog and create blogs for themselves. Carat VP and Media Director John Cate hopes clients enter conversation marketing openly and attempt to glean valuable consumer feedback.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Weblogs

AOL, XM Radio Launch Online Radio Service

America Online and XM Satellite Radio, today, announced they will join forces to create a new online radio service. The service brings together XM and AOL Radio Network products and programming to form the combined digital radio network. The new co-branded service will include a web radio offering and an enhanced premier radio offering that will be available to AOL members at no additional charge and as a premium service to consumers on the web. The new offerings, which are expected to roll out beginning this summer with the launch of AOL's next generation AOL.com web portal, will be promoted online.

AOL and XM will co-promote their programs across their networks including to XM’s nearly 3.8 million subscribers and to AOL’s claimed 100 million unique monthly visitors across the AOL network of properties.

The new co-branded online radio service will feature selections from the AOL Radio Network and XM Radio such as AOL’s Radio KOL, AOL Music Sessions and AOL Music LIVE! and original XM programs such as Artist Confidential and Then…Again.. Live!. People will have the ability to select the offering that best meets their needs. The co-branded offerings will include:

  • A new, unlimited listening web radio service featuring a sampling of 20 XM stations plus 130 AOL Radio stations that will be available free on the web.
  • An enhanced version of AOL’s popular premium radio service featuring over 70 XM stations plus over 130 AOL Radio original and third party stations that will be available to AOL members at no additional charge and to consumers on the web for a low monthly fee.
by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Radio

Wal-Mart Gets Jiggy With Singles Night

Try as we might, we can't seem to envision the words "hot date" and "Wal-Mart" in the same sentence. But Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart has been combining the two for over a year now with their Friday night date night during which those in search of a mate place red ribbons on their shopping carts that scream, "I'm a loser!"...we mean..."I'm available!" in order to mingle with other red ribboners. OK, so flirting in a store is all good but slapping a billboard on oneself announcing the intent just takes all the fun out of the game.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Promotions

FOX '24' Star Does Japander Thing

Spotted by Hiroshi-K, FOX 24 star Keifer Sutherland is hawking, CalorieMate, some sort of diet food Japander style. We know the culture's different and even high paid actors need more money but why do appearances by American stars in Japanese ads always seem so odd?

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Celebrity

'Apprentice' Contestant Arrested

Certainly no surprise given his angry demeanor on the show, The Apprentice contestant Chris Shelton was arrested April 10 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida for disorderly conduct. The Smoking Gun reported the exact details of the arrest are not known but, referring to Shelton's mug shot, speculated liquor had a role. We just hope his firing from the show is as dramatic.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Vodka Maker Bites Back At Bar Owner With F You Site

In response to anger aimed at its American President James Dale over a profanity-laden letter he wrote to Chelsea bar owner John Libonati who banned 42 Below product from his shelves in response to a gay themed viral video the company produced a while back and which Libonati, who is gay, said is offensive and shameless pandering, 42 Below vodka bit back and has set up a website called, "I'm James Dale So Fuck You."

The site follows the original letter's profanity laden scheme and turns the whole thing into a profanity-laden, self-help advice site. Whether the viral in question is offensive, Libonati was paid by 42 Below (he informs us he was not) to initiate this as a stunt, James Dale is the dumbest company president in existence or whether this whole thing is a brilliantly planned marketing stunt, we may never know.

We do, however, marvel at the amazingly huge pair of balls 42 Below must have to move forward with a response like this one.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-05    
Topic: Strange

Irate 911 Caller Wants Burger King Western Burger

Seems Crispin Porter + Bogusky may be up to their viral tricks again for Burger King with this pseudo 911 call, currently making the blogosphere rounds, to some Sheriff's department. The entire call consists of some woman bitching to a police operator about the lazy ass service she's getting at a Burger King. Apparently, she ordered a Western Barbecue burger and got a plain hamburger instead. She wants the operator to send a police officer down to provide a bit of attitude adjustment for the drive through window worker who's too busy mopping the floor to help the woman out.

While amusing, these 911-like calls don't get out often and when that fact is combined with the product name's frequent mention, it raises our very jaded suspicions. However, since we and those of you reading this make our lives creating and dissecting this stuff, it's quite natural we'd be suspicious. But, the average person just doesn't care as much as we do about tearing this stuff apart and, likely, will see this recording as just a funny bit of humor to brighten their day. If that's the case, the Burger King and CP + B have accomplished their goals.

UPDATE: Nope, CP + B and Burger King are just lucky this time according to Snopes who did some digging and determined the call to be real.

by Steve Hall    Apr-10-05    
Topic: Strange

Absolut Rejects 'Controversial' Ad

ANIMAL, a Manhattan-based publishing, marketing and media company developed an Absolut ad that comments on the controversial planned sale of the West Side Rail Yards for $700 million. ANIMAL Publisher Bucky Turco explains, “I basically sent this mock ad to Absolut to try and get ANIMAL on their radar in regards to doing creative work and cool events.”

Absolut, however, was not amused and ANIMAL received several irate emails. One stating bluntly, “take me off your mailing list,” and the others to the effect that Absolut does not accept outside solicitations. Turco explains the reasoning behind the ad, “In addition to getting Absolut’s attention we wanted to comment on the sale of the West Side yard. $700 million for 14 acres on prime waterfront in Manhattan? That’s the best we can do?”

Well, at least now, with Google Satellite, everyone can make ads like this.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-05    
Topic: Brands

Paris Hilton Promotes Pituitary Disorder With Sex

To raise awareness of pituitary dysfunction, the Pituitary Network Association invited Paris Hilton to meet with PNA board member Ken Baker to explain the disease to her and to present her with a cute, pink T-shirt that reads, "Sex is a nine letter word." There are nine letter in the word "Pituitary."

Upon receiving the gift, Paris released the air valve in her head and uttered her classic "that's hot" phrase adding, "People should know more about a gland that most of us never even think about. It's a really good cause." Anything for publicity.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-05    
Topic: Celebrity

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