Billboard Purism, Calgary Promotes Gwangyang, AOL Buys Tacoda


- Christiania Spirits is hosting a billboard competition. Finalists will be judged on the company's guiding principles known as Purism. OK then.

- A recent ad in the Economist promoting South Korea's Gwangyang as a business center used the Calgary skyline to do so.

- AOL has plans to acquire behavioral ad network Tacoda. The company will use Tacoda's targeting capabilities to improve its advertising offering.

- On the eve of Saatchi's new red pigtail guy commercial, Improv Everywhere is staging a faux protest claiming the ads unfairly represent red heads.

- AdFreak says Microsoft's new Live Derby 2007 game which promotes Live Search doesn't do much more than prove Microsoft is uncool and is still good at crashing.

- Not that this is any surprise but MySpace has identified 29,000 members as sex offenders, four time more than claimed earlier this year.

- While a flexible toothbrush is always a good thing, we're not sure it has to be as flexible as these Aquafresh brushes.

- Pens and bikini models go so well together, don't they?

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-07   Click to Comment   
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