Snogging Hits States, Spam Snazzes Up, Panda Pushes Biscuits, Knife Ads Fail to Stick


- See trailer for Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, a movie guaranteed to alter the tween lexicon for at least six weeks: mutti! Vati! Snogging! Nunga-nungas! Facsimile of a fax of a scam! Saliva-ville. Hits US theatres this October.

- And speaking of a whole lotta words that mean nothin', Spam makes like Weekly World News.

- Plaid wraps up the weekend on the West Coast. "Wash down the bitter taste of capitalism" -- with Coke and pizza?

- The birth of a river of tears is a sight that never gets old. Hey, new online video idea: Crying Co-Eds. Today's pipe dream, tomorrow's fetish?

- UK youth are apparently unimpressed by that weird "carry a knife, stab yourself" campaign. Shocker.

- So I guess Noxzema's headed out P&G's door. Given that we've had plenty of time to forget about it, this news is about as surprising as that knife crime thing not catching on.

- Vinnie, described here as a cross between a panda and a dog, is helping sell Fox's biscuits ("bis-quits?") in the UK. To riveting applause! Well, all right.

- Noisy monkeys. Not ad-related, but they can be.

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