Yep. Sippin' the Coraline Kool-Aid Pret-ty Heavily.


Visit the deliciously dollhousey Coraline website. Enter the house, then click on the picture frame if you want to stitch buttons onto your face. Plenty to choose from, and each set of buttons is coupled with curiously thought-out descriptions. (That's the appeal of Coraline's marketing strategy: in keeping with the handmade motif, everything feels tailored to you, even things that obviously aren't.)

Once done tweaking and zooming your button eyes, download and save; embeds are available for MySpace and Facebook.

We also came across this Coraline Nike Dunks Giveaway offer. Okay, that's some pretty deep product whoring, but oh! we want them, just to have them, just because everything Coraline reeks of tasty dark girlwitch magic.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-12-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Good, Online, Promotions   

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I don't think drinking the Coraline Kool-Aid is a bad thing, since the campaign was basically a how-to for running an engaging, multi-faceted online and offline campaign that perfectly complimented the product it was trying to promote.

Posted by: Cory O'Brien on February 12, 2009 12:22 PM

This is an ePrize promotion!

Posted by: Chet on February 12, 2009 3:50 PM

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