How the Internet, Social Media, Data Destroyed the Big Idea


If you've watched Mad Men or worked in the advertising industry prior to, say, 1993, you are probably familiar with the concept of the ad campaign. Actually, if you've worked in advertising since 1993, you're familiar with the term, too - although in a different context. Why? In 1993, the Mosaic web browser was launched and it, forever, changed the concept of the advertising campaign.

Prior to 1993, developing an ad campaign boiled down to the most simplistic basics: determining who to reach, how to reach them and for how long. It was a set it and forget it mentality. After 1993, the web and social media shifted the concept of the advertising campaign from "set it and forget it" to "always on."

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Opinion

Orchestra Eschews Sheet Music For Samsung Galaxy Note


Now this ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note raises an interesting question. In the long run, is it really cheaper to buy an orchestra a bunch of tablets on which sheet music can be displayed or the sheet music itself? In the short run, no doubt, the paper route is cheaper. In the long run, maybe not. Likely, it will be determined by how ell the orchestra treats the tablets and how long they last.

Anyway, check out this video that features the Northern Orchestra and Symphonic Choir Ines de Castro using Samsung Galaxy Notes instead of sheet music. The work was created by OSTV.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Video

Anna Nicole Smith's 6-Year-Old Daughter in Guess Campaign


Following in her mother's illustrious footsteps, Dannielynn Birkhead, 6-year-old daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, will appear in a new ad campaign for Guess Kids. Smith, then unknown, first appeared in Guess ads in 1993.

The ads, which also feature Babyface's daughter, Peyton Edmunds, will appear on billboards and in magazines beginning in January.

by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Celebrity

Facebook App Sends Stella Artois Babe to Your Doorstep


Belgian-based Stella Artois has created a Facebook app that send the Stella Artois Girl (actress Alice Eve) to your doorstep or the doorstep of a friend. Once you enter your name and address, a groovin' 50's-ish video begins that integrates with Google Maps and delivers Eve and her band mates right to your (virtual) doorstep.

by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Social

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How to Create Compelling, Intelligence-Driven Loyalty Programs


Sadly, many customer loyalty programs lack differentiation, target too broad an audience or lack an overarching strategy. In this Forrester whitepaper, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, nine actionable methods of using customer intelligence and data to improve loyalty program effectiveness are presented.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Research

Selena Gomez Advocates Vandalism


In a new ad For Adidas' Neo, Selena Gomez and friends plaster city streets with green streamers and paint, not exactly behavior she'd want her fans to duplicate. Yea, yea, yea, it's just an ad. But so are all those Black Friday ads advocating idiots go bin diving at Walmart. Do we really want a bunch of lemming-like morons doing what Selena does in this ad?

The video points to a quiz that offers the taker a chance to win a trip to New York and meet Selena.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Commercials

Cyber Monday Sales Increase 30.1 Percent


Holiday shoppers turned Cyber Monday into the biggest spending day ever with online sales growing 30.3 percent over the same period last year, according to analytics findings by IBM.

As part of IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark revealed the following trends as of 12:00 am PST:

Cyber Monday 2012 Compared to Cyber Monday 2011:

- Consumer Spending Increases: Online sales increased 30.3 percent over 2011.

- Shopping Peaks at 11:25am EST: Consumers flocked online, with shopping momentum hitting its highest peak at 11:25am EST. As in 2011, consumer shopping also maintained strong momentum after commuting hours on both the east and west coast.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Research

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