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'Pumped' Ads Execs Appear in Goofy Stock Photos For Cannes Lions 2014


In a hilarious promotion to the Cannes Lions Festival -- if that actually needs any promotion -- McCann London is out with a collection of faux stock photography shots featuring the likes of Barbarian Group's Benjamin Palmer, If We Ran the World's Cindy Gallop, Droga5 CCO Ted Royer and others.

The campaign aims to highlight the fact that attending the world's leading festival of creativity and being surrounded by the greatest creative work and people on the planet is a hugely valuable experience. It inspires delegates to return to work with renewed enthusiasm as if to push a reset button.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-14    

Two Tales Brewery Aims to Eradicate America of Idiotic Sagging Pants Trend


Whenever you see some idiot wearing their jeans halfway down their ass, don't you just want to walk up to them, punch them in the face and tell them they look like an idiot? Hey, maybe it's just us but we bet there are other out there who hate this fashion trend that, believe it or not, is still with us.

Working with Y&R Prague, Two Tales Brewery is out to put a stop to this fashion travesty by donating thousands of belts to those in need. For every six pack of Two Tales purchased, the brand promises to donate a belt to those in need.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-14    
Topic: Campaigns

These Glory Holes Offer A Different Sort of Reward


Hasn't anyone learned anything from watching horror movies? Never, ever place one of your appendages in a hole. Alas, like everything else in life, that scenario has been co-opted by a marketer.

To promote its PS4 game, Infamous: Second Son, PlayStation placed an installation with three finger holes in Antwerp's Central Station with copy that read, "Place finger here." Those who kept their fingers in the holes for 5 seconds -- and endured actual electric shock -- were awarded a free copy of the game.

We get chills just thinking about sticking appendages in dark places. OK, well, perhaps not all appendages and not all dark places.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-14    
Topic: Outdoor

The Slo Mo Guys Blow Up Daiquiris and Pina Coladas For Captain Morgan


In a couple of less-than-exciting slow motion videos, The Slo Mo Guys have a bit of fun smashing up a collection of daiquiris and pina coladas for Captain Morgan. But they did make another video entitled Canon which is actually pretty cool.

To support the premiere of this video series, the brand will be hosting a two-week contest that challenges fans to guess the number of cocktails that were demolished during the making of "Cannon." The 100 fans who come the closest to the correct amount of cocktail causalities will win a Captain Morgan branded cannonball. The contest will be hosted on Facebook, where fans will be able to submit their entries in the comment section.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Video

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After Eliminating Women's 'Creamy Behemoths' Poo-Pourri Wants to Eliminate Men's 'Man Manure'


Well it's nowhere near as funny as witnessing a cute birthing a creamy behemoth from her cavernous bowels all to promote a spray, Poo-Pourri, that traps poo smells beneath toilet water.

While the first video, which has over 26 million views, was filled with an endless litany of pet names for pooping, this one is a bit more sterile and comes off as if it were a sterile product demonstration video.

Much like DollarShaveClub, sequels never really live up to the original.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Video

Dutch Celebrate New King With Princess Toss


You've gotta love any country that has a game called Princess Tossing to celebrate the crowning of a new king.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Agencies

8 Steps Towards Avoiding NYPD-Like Social Media Idiocy


Wow. If only the NYPD had read this report from Spredfast. Perhaps they might have avoided the firehose of backlash they have received since sending that tweet.

This report covers the 8 steps every smart (and dumb) brand needs to master in order to implement an effective social media strategy and ingrain social practices in to the organization as a whole.

Don't end up like the NYPD. Download this report now and save yourself the embarrassment.

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Research

Internet-Enabled Coffee Machine Demonstrates Singapore's Ability to Facilitate Business Ventures


Here's a pretty cool idea. Working with Strawberry Frog, The Secret Little Agency and Tellart, EDB, a Singapore-based government group which promotes the city as a business destination debuted The Coffee Connector at The Economist Big ReThink Conference last month.

Leveraging the notion that grabbing a cup of coffee is a great way for a couple of people to build a relationship and coupling that with EDB's goal of facilitating companies to create successful business ventures, The Coffee Connector demonstrated the value of strong relationships. Each party is then rewarded with a freshly brewed cup of Highlander Coffee and the beginning of a lasting connection.

The Coffee Connector is an ingenious, internet connected coffee maker that only works when two people are standing together squarely in front of the machine. In order for the machine to dispense coffee, the two people must introduce themselves by entering their names and indicating their interests.

The Coffee Connector is, of course, a metaphor for EDB's purpose and intent which is to present Singapore as a place for global companies to come together and connect in meaningful ways.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Specialty

AMC Demotes Mad Men's Peggy And Joan to Celebrate Secretary's Day


In celebration of what Mad Men would, of course, lovingly call Secretary's Day, AMC is out with a Twitter image featuring Peggy and Joan who once were, but no longer are, secretaries on the series.

It's a curious move but hey, they're bigger stars and much more well known then the current stars on the show so it's all good.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-14    
Topic: Television

If Your Airport Gate Seat Starts to Recline, Don't Get Up. You Could Win Free Airline Tickets


To tout their fully reclining World Business Class seats, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided to give away two free World Business Class tickets to the first person who fully reclined in a tricked out airport seat that was altered to recline like the seats do on the airplane.

And that's all there really is to the stunt. And that's about the closest most of us will ever come to flying in style like that.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-14    
Topic: Guerilla

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