Best Buy's Geek Squad Promotion Tied to 'Star Wars'

According to Best Buy's Geek Squad, a computer customer support group, many people skipped work and school to watch the first two prequels of Star Wars. Whether that's true or not, as the May 19th release date approaches, the GeekSqaud is latching on to this last, great movie in the Star Wars franchise by providing a feature where students and employees can customize their own excuse notes to send to their teachers and bosses.
by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Promotions

Roomate Sets Beer Booby Trap

When someone really loves beer and there's only one left in the fridge, some will go to great lengths to make sure they get the beer instead of their roommate. Reminiscent of Honda Cog in a very simplistic sense, the losing roommate in this ad finds himself under a great deal of pressure after having triggered his roommate's booby (no, not that kind) trap.
by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Commercials

San Francisco Giants Ads Stolen

kirshenbaum bond San Francisco launched new San Francisco Giants wallscapes and bus shelter advertising at the end of March. Since the launch, an estimated 15 bus shelter advertisements have been stolen by what is assumed to be Giants fans. The bus shelter advertisements include shots of Barry Bonds, Moises Alou, Jason Schmidt, and J.T. Snow photographed to appear as giant figures. Stolen bus shelter advertisements are being replaced, but, apparently, this thievery is indicative of San Francisco's insane love for their hometown baseball team.

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Outdoor

IKEA Keeps Children's Toys Dildo-Free

There's many classically embarrassing moments in life but we're sure the one where your kid finds your dildo is right up there on the list. IKEA uses this little shocker to suggest their furniture and its storage features might help in keeping little Johnnie's toys separate from Mommy's vibrating toys. The ad is said to have run in movie theaters in France as well as in Germany. Leave it to those Europeans to, once again, point out America's uptight culture.
by Steve Hall    Apr-24-05    
Topic: Commercials

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