Nintendo Offers Good And Bad DS Girls


There's always that debate that goes on in a guy's mind when it comes to the type of woman best suited to offering a good time or, long term, providing a nice life. Nintendo has put that debate to rest - at least for a few minutes - by giving guys both in the form of good girl, bad girl NintendoDS ads in Stuff Magazine. The good girl promises to be in control whether on top or or on bottom. The bad girl "likes to touch as hard or as fast as she wants." Take your pick, guys.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-05    
Topic: Magazine

Harry Potter 'Goblet of Fire' Poster Revealed


The Leaky Cauldron has the new Harry Potter Goblet of Fire promotional movie poster and, true to Harry Potter fan behavior, there are currently 180 comments analyzing its imagery and hidden meanings. Us? We're just going to wait until November to see the movie.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-05    
Topic: Promotions

Paris Hilton Promotes FatBoy Slim Single

Drowing? That's Hot

British musician FatBoy Slim (Norman Cook) has released a new single, a new video and has grabbed Paris Hilton to promote it. Well, sort of. She appears in some footage, shot by Cook in LA, which which won't be seen in the final cut but is being used in a viral video, developed an seeded by ASABAILEY, to promote the release of the video which debuts on MTV this week.

The viral clip shows Hilton and two others, watching a man eat a chicken leg only to later drown to death in a swimming pool. She stands there like good old fashioned eye candy while poor guy drowns. Then, with her couldn't care less flair, she dials 911.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-05    
Topic: Viral

Commercial Displays Best Use of Pixelation


This very simple yet powerful commercial for a cause revealed at the end of the it, makes, according to adland's Ask Wappling with whom we agree, the best used of digital pixelation seen in recent memory. To view the spot, you have to register and pay ($2-3 per month). Now, don't complain. Unlike Adrants where bills get paid by ad revenue, adland derives its revenue from subscriptions. We all have to make a living somehow. Once you do sign up, you will have access to something on the order of 20,000 television commercials. About 20 new commercials are added each week.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-05    
Topic: Commercials

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