Evian Hotties Conflict With Floot Hipster

I...Wanna Be

According to nightlife czar Bucky Turco, it's best to stick to proven promotional tactics rather than yield to the pressures of political correctness. At the Marc Ecko charity event for Breast Cancer Turco attended last night, servers where sampling Evian and Floot, a new, wine/champagne-in-a-can drink. Per usual, most of the servers were attractive females except for one Floot server. Noticing this, Turco commented, "Women dolled up and serving is cute and cool and acceptable. But the minute you dress a dude up you're headed for disaster."

Turco said the women all looked fine but said, "The guy, all dressed in yellow with a gold belt look like he just died and descended back from Gay Hipster Heaven. The accessories especially did him in: orange flip flops and those Williamsburg-ish sunglasses." Apparently, the event, which was a benefit for breast cancer ended up looking like a Chip n' Dales club whenever the Floot guy was nearby.

Se more photos from the event here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-05    
Topic: Promotions

Chimp With Afro Imitates Blacks in Ad

An ad, which ran earlier this month in Japan for cosmetics company Mandom, had a Chimpanzee with an afro wig/dreadlocks affixed to its head imitating a few black people as they wiped sweat from their brows with a Mandom facial wipe. Of course, the ad generated complaints and Mandom issued an apology but this article examines the very different viewpoint Japan, as well as Germany, has regarding minority races. It's not pretty.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-05    
Topic: Commercials

Contextual Crack Aligns Sony With Drug Rehab


With contextual advertising everywhere, even in RSS feeds, one has to wonder when an advertiser will get sick of bad associations and simply go back to good old demographic, phychographic, human-controlled targeting. Not that Sony has a problem with drug rehab but these contextual associations do get fairly humorous at times.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-05    
Topic: Online

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