School Considers Selling Naming Rights

The proliferation of ad creep has made it far too easy for institutions in need of money to turn to marketers for relief. Naming building and stadiums was once taboo. Now, it's odd if a sports arena is not named after a marketer. A school in New Jersey sold the naming rights to its gymnasium to local grocery store Shop-Rite and now an elementary school in suburban Detroit is considering courting marketers to name its new school.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Brands, Policy, Sponsorship

Paris Hilton Adjusts Panties, Sells Yellow Pages


AdJab points to a new Paris Hilton ad bonanza. This time, she's gone international and is hawking GoYellow, a German online yellow pages service. In the commercial, Paris primps and frolics on her bed as only Paris can while adjusting her yellow boy panties, eating a red apple and waiting for the delivery boy to arrrive

Even better than the commercial is Paris's bubble-headed "performance at the press conference which you can view here.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Nike Teams With Graffiti Writer For Lance Armstrong Promotion


Crashing the swelling corporate graffiti party, Nike has teamed with graffiti writer, Futura, to create a series of symbols and icons that illustrate Lance Armstrong's personality and challenging life story. The images were then reproduced on Lance's Tour De France time trial bike. A website ties it all together and promotes Armstrong's new line called 10/2 which is the date that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer

Big, bad, biker Bucky comments, "With the rising popularity of bicycling and Lance himself, I think it's really cool that NIKE would hire an underground celeb like Futura to work on a project like this." And now, the comment section eagerly awaits the wrath of graffiti purists.

UPDATE: Futura offers his own take in the comment section.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Promotions

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