Mercedes Thinks AOL Is Icon of Pop Culture


Laughably describing AOL as some sort of "icon of pop culture," Mercedes Benz has signed a deal with AOL to "spotlight a new generation of artists through the premier online music destination AOL Music." Mercedes-Benz and AOL Music launched "On Our Radar," a feature that lets fans wallow in discovery of new music. It's part of the car manufacturer's yearlong collaboration with AOL Music on its Breakers program, which showcases a selection of developing artists. The partnership will promote the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class while bringing new artists to what Mercedes and AOL believe to be "the eyes and ears of trendsetting, young music fans."

by Steve Hall    Mar- 2-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Online, Promotions, Sponsorship, Strange   

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AOL has had a new logo for almost 2 years now. At least bother to use the new identity when making fun of them. And AOL Music is a huge music destination for teens - don't knock it 'til you try it.

Posted by: JB on March 2, 2006 1:34 PM

I have tried it. But I'm not a teen so I guess I should just shut up:-) Oh, and the logo. Sorry, pulled an old one from a past article. Ooops.

Posted by: Steve Hall on March 2, 2006 2:15 PM

is there a market for teens that buy mercedes?

Posted by: oidfsudfs on March 2, 2006 5:55 PM

I don't get it. AOL is the of web portals, I see little future there. Mercedes is only tainting its brand with the association.

Posted by: Bjorn on March 3, 2006 11:11 AM