Tagworld Builds Community And Promotes With User Billboards


To both promote their community and to make members happy they joined in the first place, social site Tagworld has launched a program whereby members can apply to have their Tagworld site featured on an outdoor billboard the company has bought to promote its service. Here's one lucky Tagworld member that was pretty excited his site was chosen to be featured.

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Face Buddies LTD have introduced a new a community portal called
FaceBuddies.com When asked why is Face Buddies so unique Managing
Kerr Gracie quoted 'We offer the user a new experience in all aspects of
community portals. We have new video uploading software for people to
their own videos which would be a great way for bands to promote
cheaply and effectivley by targeting people who really want to listen to
them,Members can upload as many photos as they want which is unique with
types of groups and make a really unique blog along with music that they
have produced which would be great for bedroom dj's and producers, We
encourage people who are wanting to promote themselves and it will be
to see some of our members express their talent and get noticed and we
they do as we give a opportunity for younger generations to promote
in a freindly and safe enviroment which we feel other site lack which is
prior importance'

Face Buddies LTD can be found at www.FaceBuddies.com

Posted by: kerr on August 9, 2006 08:31 PM

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