Xtra-Pune Cures Women's Sexual Fantasies


You'd have to agree the whole sex-in-advertising thing leans heavily in favor of men with most sex-based ads containing hot, untouchable women conjured from the fantasies of male art directors. It's very rare, in fact, to find an ad that turns the drool-inducing strategy on its head and caters to women. Perhaps it's because the industry adheres to the stereotype that only men are the horny ones, easily swayed by the lure of sex. Maybe it's because woman are superior to men and don't let their lives revolve around the need for sex. Or maybe it's some weird Darwinian thing where, due to the forces of human procreation, men just have to have it more than woman.

In the case of Xtra-pine's Cleaning Hunk, it just might be the acknowledgment that women - as much as men have the same fantasies about women - would love to have a ripped, six-packed hunk of sexual studness get down on all fours and clean their floors while slowly removing his clothing.

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