LittleMissMatch Contest Achieves Free Publicity And Sock Revenue


LittleMissMatched, the company that knows socks always get lost in the dryer and sells socks in sets of three rather than two is hosting a short film contest in which anyone can submit a one minute film that highlights a person's creativity and individuality. The only requirement is that entrants must use two LittleMissMatched socks in the film although they don't have to be the feature of the film.

The contest will be judged by Ad Age's Jonah Bloom, music video director Shane Drake, commercial director Rafael Fernandez, producer and director Liz Garbus, ATTIK Creative Director Wayne Hanson, Teen People's Hayley Hill, writer and director Rob Pearlstein and Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners President Aaron Reitkopf.

Those interested in getting into this consumer-generated thing and providing LittleMissMatched a lot of free publicity along with revenue from the socks you have to buy can enter the contest here or at the company's MySpace page. You knew they had one didn't you? You mean your company doesn't? Damn, you're lame. Everyone's doing the corporate MySpace thing these day and hangin' with the cool kids. It's awesome. You should check it out before MySpace turns into a giant collection of marketers and bots talking to each other because all the actual human beings with profiles have left.

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With that collection of Ad Age characters this will be an interesting Final Jepardy. Can we throw a couple of old socks in the latest Coke commercial and enter it? Or would the latest KFC effort work better?

Posted by: Roy on July 7, 2006 12:09 PM

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