'Pulse' DVD Release Promoted With Cryptic Belgian Site


Today, we received a cryptic email directing is to a Belgian website called Unknown Frequencies which delivered explosive, full screen imagery that made it look like your computer was being attacked by some sort or killer virus. It then delivered an onslaught of IM windows in quantity only the likes of girls with naked pictures on their profiles would ever receive. After a few more ominous messages, the site said to check our email October 11 for more information. We don't need to wait. We already figured it out.

Strangely, as soon as this full screen takeover begin, it reminded us very much of a movie review we had read back in August for the Kristen Bell film, Pulse. And, sure enough, after spending a bit more time with the site, seeing a directory tree with YouAreNowinfected.com flash by early on and following that link, we were redirected to pulsethemovie.net.

We're guessing it's all for the DVD release of the movie and the Belgian origin just plays along with the movie's theme of global wireless Internet infection and "worlds beyond your own." There's a problem with dates though. The DVD is tentatively set for release December 5 making this promotion a bit early. The pulsethemovie.net still carries the original August 8, 2006 release date. Perhaps that will change or, in a twist, the DVD will be released November 8 because that's what 08.11.06 means date-wise to any country other than America. Whatever. We have a headache. We're just going to wait until all is revealed October 11. Or is that November 10?

Anyway, here's the email we received:


Ik ben eindelijk binnengeraakt in jouw leven. En vanaf nu zal je nog moeilijk van me afraken.
Nu ik jou en jouw vrienden ken, zal ik alles doen om jullie leven te beheersen.

Voortaan ben ik in jouw buurt ...op jouw werk, maar ook bij jou thuis...in your house.

Wil je weten waarom, doe dan precies wat ik je vraag!
En klik hier : http://www.unknownfrequencies.be/web.php?lang=nl&code_id=YRPORGB692


which Miel over at CoolzOr translated to:


I've finally broke into your life. As from now, it'll be hard to get rid of me.
Now that I know your friends, I'll do anything to control your life.

From now on, I'll be near you... at your work but also at your house in Lier (?).

If you want to know why, do exactly what I ask you!
Click here:



A Whois search reveals the site is register to Eye Play, an online agency located in Belgium so that, perhaps, means nothing or it means they're simply helping out with the promotion.

These sorts of unbranded promotions are just fine in our book since, with a bit of digging, they aren't unbranded at all. And after all, a movie that didn't do too well at the box office needs all the intrigue and help it can to boost DVD sales.

UPDATE: Eh. It's all just a promotion for the release of the movie in Belgium and a promotional party on October 13

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