Suzuki Illustrates, Chaos Conferenced, Tweens Over Sexed


- These BBDO-created Suzuki ads have some very intricate and intriguing illustration.

- Beginning November 17, the University of Texas in Austin is hosting Chaos 2006, a two day event focusing on the crazy changes going on in advertising. Yes, Bob Garfield will be in the house.

- Of you're sick of sponsoring that same old boring sports for your marketing programs, you might want to check out this combination of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics called Bossaball.

- Datran helped parenting site BabytoBee increase its email revenue ten fold. And who says all email is just spam and doesn't ork as a marketing device any longer?

- Fast Company magazine launched a BtoB print and online branding campaign to reach the advertising and media buying communities. Ads set to appear in The New York Times, and on the websites of AdvertisingAge, Mediaweek, MediaLifeMagazine, MediaPost, and SRDS.

- Phraser is a cool Flickr widget that matches images to the phrase you type in. have fn with it and see what your headlines deliver visually.

- Apparently America isn't the only country eager to sexualize its youth by hotting them up in a campaigns.

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Great idea from the 1960's barns of higher learning. Old news.

Posted by: roy on October 16, 2006 09:05 AM

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