XM Launches Campaign, Stern Launches Campaign, Bosch Bushed


- XM is launching a Lowe New York-created Q4 Holiday ad campaign which will include television, cable, print, DM and interactive.

- In Demand Networks is launching a $1 million campaign to promote its 24/7 Howard Stern subscription TV channel.

- And just or fun, Brooke Hogan. They really can make anyone look good on a magazine cover.

- A Bosch bush moons an old guy next door for, well, we have no idea. Probably some sort of turbocharged hedge trimmer.

- Second Life has a hiccup.

- Somebody thinks McDonald's Dollar Menu items taste better than real food as opposed to a lotto ticket. Neither makes sense to us.

- In Germany and Seoul, people are showing their distaste for outdoor advertising by partaking in a billboard defacing sticker campaign.

- MIT Advertising Lab examines BBH's foray into Second Life finding little to talk about except the architecture.

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Direct, Magazine, Online, Television   

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