HSBC Puts Subcultures in a Tank for Local Critique


In this collabo between Cunning and JWT, passers-by can text opinions about paparazzi and fitness fads in exchange for the chance to win a digicam or gym membership.

We've seen the live mannequin thing before and while it never ceases to be creepy we like the execution of the idea here. It has the potential to be comically obnoxious which off-sets the creepiness. And guess who this is for? Our opinion-courting friends at HSBC. Aww.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Brands, Good, Human, Outdoor, Strange     Dec-21-06  
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Cunning and JWT acheived a positive buzz among Holiday shoppers, tourists and students with tis amazing live window of photographers snapping the peeps. Crowds gathered with arms loaded with Hanauckha and Christmas gifts and taxi's were waved away so peeps could cross the street and get closer view! If only Sony had employed this duo and stayed focused with Dev team that did cunning fox, PSP and PS3 web designs...instead of flogging their web 2.0 target end users. sheesh, the users the flog angered aren't even the target buyers! btw- Steve I'm hearing an ever increasing positive buzz about your team. Merry Christmas!Happy New Year! We are closing until NY..bye

Posted by: arthur on December 21, 2006 02:36 PM

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