Timberland Offers Self-Expression With Leather Billboards


It's rare we receive a press release that isn't rife with orgasmic marketing blather and seems more concerned with "appearing" intelligent than actually being intelligent so we were pleased to received this straight forward release from Arnold touting their new leather billboard work for Timberland. We're so happy we don't have to sift through this release like so many others simply to find, among the thousands of words, the hundred or so that actually say anything that we're just going to reprint the thing here:

"Today, Timberland started posting billboards made of its iconic (Ed: OK, "iconic" might be a bit over the top) boot leather in three New York City boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx. Over a two-day period, local artists representing each borough will adorn the billboards with original artwork reflecting what the borough means to them. (Ed: a little squishy but we'll let it pass) The goal of the project, created by Arnold, is to create a platform for artists to express themselves and their passion for community, using the Timberland boot as canvas. (Ed: Easy now. It's just a billboard.)

The one-of-a-kind (Ed: hate that first, best only stuff) leather billboards support the launch of Timberland's newest website, 10061.com, which is designed to celebrate self-expression and community (Ed: OK, what did we say about platitudes?). Visitors to the site are encouraged to upload artwork, films, written word, photography or other forms of creative self-expression on the site's "User Gallery." One user will be chosen to work with Timberland designers to develop a signature boot of their own.

The leather billboards, which measure 8' high and 16' to 24' wide, can be seen at the following locations: Harlem - 125th Street and 5th Avenue; Brooklyn - 3rd Avenue and Flatbush Avenue; and the Bronx - Creston South and 188th Street. Each billboard will start as a blank leather canvas, with the exception of the website printed in the upper right corner, and the words "Boot as Canvas. Express [Harlem/Brooklyn/Bronx]" in the upper left. Passers-by can watch the various artists at work on December 4th and 5th.

The leather murals on the boards will eventually be removed and donated to local non-profit partners to extend the life of the program and the spirit of self-expression and community. Leather from the boards will also be repurposed into limited-edition boots that will be donated or auctioned off for charity. (Ed: Oh what a happy ending!)"

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-06   Click to Comment   
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i'm sure PETA won't have any issue with that...

Posted by: _AS on December 5, 2006 4:53 PM

You city boys have never lived around a packing house have you? Nothing like the smell and feel of wet leather.

Posted by: roy on December 6, 2006 9:24 AM