Bill Green Asks What Marketers Expect to Get Back from Flashy Super Bowl Ad Campaigns


Running on the momentum of his :30 Super Bowl Showstopper Guarantee, Bill at Make the Logo Bigger asks the question we all wonder as we write out the checks, but don't want to ask for fear of looking uncool:

With the hype around the Super Bowl, are the (very expensive) ads worth it to marketers?

Find out at the Reuters panel on Wednesday the 24th at 11 AM, The Reuters Building, 3 Times Square. Panelists include:

*Joann Ross, President of Network Sales, CBS *Jon Bond, Co-Chairman of
Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners *Julie Roehm, Former SVP of Marketing
Communications, Wal-Mart *Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of VEOH Networks *Ryan
Schinman, CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment *Mo Rocca, Humorist & Author.

To remind you what all the hoopla's about, Bill is hawking an ad pitch to would-be Super Bowl ad contenders who want the buzz and cooler talk weeks after the pigskin-chasers have expired. For free. With a running follow-up guerilla campaign should all go well.

The deal's a no-brainer. Have you contacted him yet? If not, you should, unless you have any better ideas to throw at that $2.6 million-per-spot price tag. Don't make us get Manning on you.

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