Levi's Offers Up Ripped Abs, Stripping Dudes For the Ladies


Now here's one for the ladies and for everyone else who enjoys watching ripped men take their clothes off in a locker room. Oh yes, there's the occasional female prancing about as well but she keeps her clothes on. Clearly, this is not Virtual Bartender. Silly Girl Ariel points us to the new Levi's Lady Style site where the latest female denim styles can be checked out while ogling men seductively preparing to take a shower. Apparently, it's not all that exciting as Ariel dubs it's presented "in the most yawn-garnering fashion."

Anyway, we give kudos to Levi's and to the very few other marketer's who have chosen to provide a different kind of eye candy. For every 1,000 sites that present themselves as nothing more than a means to get a glimpse of hot, barely-dressed women while cheekily trying to sell something, there's one of these Levi's sites that, well, cheekily try to sell us something using the other sex as bait.

So, should we just label this just a bit of tit for tat or should we go all cause group on Levi's ass for daring to portray men as nothing more than ripped abs and a piece of meat for women to play with? Hmm. Let's think. OK. That was easy. We're going to go with tit for tat. After all, lots of people like tit and if all it takes is the occasional tat for tit, well, it sounds like a good compromise to us.

by Steve Hall    Apr-16-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Online, Promotions, Racy   

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The yawn comes from choice of models. The skinny model type work for showing some runway fashion, but give me a hot UPS guy if you are going for some sex appeal. This just looks like some annoying Banana Republic salesman.

Posted by: jackson on April 16, 2007 3:02 PM

Man this is STUPID. I was expecting it to have more exhibitionist appeal rather than all this business of looking at the camera and posing and what not. Seriously...if I wanted I could have a guy do that in real life for me. I think for girls it's more about the man who is taking off his clothes, not just that a man is taking off his clothes. If that makes sense.

Posted by: Shelby on April 16, 2007 6:51 PM

I was particularly annoyed by the "peek at a men's magazine" link, which actually offers us the chance to "start a debate!" about what WE think MEN want from US. I mean, a site that is supposedly upending a gender cliche falls woefully short of its goal when it draws things back to the old "what do men like or want from women?" question as per some pathetic 50s women's magazine article.

Posted by: Nomi on April 19, 2007 11:43 AM