Draft/FCB Celebrates Glorification of Bad Ass Mofo Stereotype


George Parker has the inside dope on Draft/FCB's excitement for the recent account win and work it did for the new Electronic Arts game, Def Jam Icon, yet another "Yo mutha fucka, you fuck with me, I beat the shit out of your sorry ass" cultural stereotype that makes one particular segment of people look like pea-brained idiots with nothing better to do than self-genocide themselves out of existence. In support of that stellar accomplishment and lauding the agency's teamwork, Draft/FCB's three top dudes, Howard, Jonathon and Lawrence, in an internal memo, blather platitudes such as "tearing down geographical silos, tapping into cross-office expertise and growing our business" and "working together seamlessly in our new agency model...as a result of a global creative rumble." This is the genius it took win the account and promote a game who's sole purpose is to let kids idolize bad ass mutha fuckas as some class of hero? Eesh. Be careful what you attach your internal memos to.

by Steve Hall    May-11-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Bad, Commercials, Opinion, Trends and Culture   

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What's so funny about the whole fucking phantasmagoria (I think that's a word!) of shit, is that in the spot, the MoFo kicks the shit out of the other MoFo with music. Even though I have had my eardrums pierced by the odd Escalade cruising by with the windows open and ten million fucking decibels of rap shit blasting everyone off the sidewalk... I've never actualy seen anyone killed with music. But I had a comment from Al Sharpton on AdScam... Is that someone taking the piss, or is it for real... It linked with his site. Who the fuck knows? YO Bro...
Cheers MoFo/George

Posted by: George Parker on May 11, 2007 3:53 PM