Christian Slater's Job is to Save Ellis Island


While it might be callous to say Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in...oh...we're just going to say it: the once great Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in a save Ellis Island campaign - along with other celebrities - called We Are Ellis Island. The campaign goal is to build support for saving the island and its crumbling architecture.

Callousness aside, the campaign is a nice effort at calling attention to a place through which millions of soon-to-be Americans passed and the legacy it left for the decedents of those who did pass through. Sponsored by Arrow and featuring Katharine McPhee, Joe Montana, Kristin Cavallari, Christian Slater, Richard Belzer, Elliot Gould, cast members of The Sopranos and others, two commercials, a print campaign and individual videos bring Ellis Island stories to life.

The campaign was created by in-house agency PVH Advertising and Marketing Group. The best part of the entire campaign is when The Sopranos' Johnny "Sack" (Vincent Curatola) peers into the camera and semi-threateningly intones, "be a good idea to make a donation."

Oh, to be clear, we love Christian Slater. Always have. Always will.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07   Click to Comment   
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