Monster Breached, Gap Mastectomized, Diesel Dives. Hill Heaved


- Uh Oh. Not good. Cynopsis reports, "Online job seeking site suffered a security breach potentially exposing the confidential information of 1.5 million users then waited 5 days to report it."

- Gap ads featuring John Mayer and Lucy Liu get facials scars, mastectomy, respectively.

- Copyranter wishes Diesel would return to its usual form of advertising which made no sense and was sick.

- We love it when agency execs are escorted to the door by security.

- Advertising Age reports AT&T has placed its $3.4 billion media buying and planning account into review. A consultant is involved and incumbent agencies have been invited to pitch.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Online, Outdoor   

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Fully agree with what you said, here is my addtional 2 cents:

Just finish the Frontier Visionary Interview with Alvin Toffler ( ), I was impressed by his sharp mind as well as his talking speed, that is probably why he could made those precise predictions, such as Prosume, a combination of outsourcing and DIY

Through the interview, the following viewpoints have been drawn:

1. There is no truth, only the correctness of truth to be proved. That is the fundamental limitation of human perception of reality

2. Minority power is good in certain way; it is ridiculous a high school drop out shall have the same voting as that of post-doctor. Elite ruling is good for a less developed world for sure

3. To fix the education system, the key is not the system itself; the key is people, especially those students. How to motivate them is a key challenge, since current generation and future generations need not study and work hard in order to make a decent living as we did before

4. The causes and effects of innovation to drive knowledge creation is yet a wild land or wonderland to be fully explored

5. There is a possibility for business miniature to happen, it will be not a shame any more for one-man shop, or one-shop man

6. Where will the modern civilization head on remains an open question

7. Human intelligence will be enhanced through technology advancement

Posted by: edward on September 2, 2007 10:51 PM

The Gap Between Natural Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

There is far way to go for the gap between Natural Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence filled, or close to be filled, trust me or not

1. Where is the natural intelligence coming from? What is the essence of intelligence?

2. What is the key difference between life and matter? What consciousness? Shall modern Artificial Intelligence be built upon life, or matter, or both?

3. Natural intelligence can be either very rational or very passionate, how shall robotics model passion, or spontaneousity?

4. Incremental Learning is one of major characteristics of natural intelligence, how shall robotics model Incremental Learning?

5. How will robots evolve from individual-based, to team-based, to community-based, and to society-based ? Will a Third Life like Second Life appear in the future?

6. Business-wise if robots start to replace us both at work and at office, how will it impact our traditional business model since the inception of market economy?

7. How shall we deal the situation when the Artificial Intelligence of robots to surpass natural intelligence of human being? How to address robot security?

For more details, please check
Frontier Blog at -

Posted by: edward on September 10, 2007 1:08 AM