World AIDS Day's A-Comin'. Please Get Appropriately Somber


We do love a broken record.

Seriously though, this spot is for World AIDS Day '07, which happens tomorrow. It reminded us of candles being lit in a church -- nice mental contrast.

The VP at Blattner Brunner assures us thus, and we thought we'd use it to assure you too:

"33,200,000 cases. Represented by one shot/one second. 86400 seconds in a day. Don't worry, though, the thing is only a minute long."

Far cry from the King of Condoms approach.

by Angela Natividad    Nov-30-07   Click to Comment   
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Headline in poor taste...seems like you have yet to be touched by AIDS in any real way..I can't imagine you using that headline for breast cancer, or even pet abuse...

Posted by: onda on November 30, 2007 3:47 PM

My life's been affected by AIDS. Dragging my fucking feet about it won't make that kind of experience less authentic.

Posted by: Angela on November 30, 2007 3:55 PM