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Here it comes... Here it comes... Here it comes... No, not Dove's Onslaught. The ad industry onslaught of holiday cards. We know there will be many more but for now we have a few to share.

First up is Damashek Consulting which went green with its wildlife and environmentally focused approach that actually involves selling holiday-themed art created by artist Diane Grappasonno. All proceeds from the 200 signed prints will be donated to the World WildLife Fund. Nice. After all, Christmas is all about giving, right?


Second, Animax Entertainment, employing their animation expertise,created an entire Christmas story with a twist...and a kiss...and a Zbox and and ending that's well, just a little bit weird. But we like it. After all, who wants to see the same old stories over and over and over?


Next, AKQA hooked up with Cheese & Biscuits, "a highwire act from the Academic Federation of performing Mammals." From 9:30 to 5:30 GMT the rodents hop inside a wheel and run which, in turn, powers a sign which reads "Happy Christmas From AKQA." They don't get merry in England, they get happy. And, thankfully, they don't bother with all that politically correct "happy holidays" stuff either.


And calling it "2.0 digital Christmas fun," Glue London had added some good old fashioned exercise to their holiday effort in the form of a stationary bike that will be ridden by agency staffers for half hour periods until the bike had traveled 1,900 miles, the distance from their offices to Lapland. So far, the bike has been ridden 725 miles and, because they are accepting pledges which will be donated to the Salvation Army, they've raised 925 pounds.

The agency's Simon Lloyd tells us, "This of course, has been widely interpreted as an opportunity to take the piss out of anyone you know from the agency - derogatory remarks about the size of people's backsides." Good fun.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-07   Click to Comment   
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