Cracked Posts List of Seductive Ads for Crap Items

magnescribe-pens.jpg posted a list of the 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads. It's scored 3439 diggs so far. The description:

"So you're an inventor, and you've just created a product that actually sucks quite a bit more than the ones people are already using. How do you sell it?

"Why, by creating a cornball TV ad that portrays everyday tasks as being next to impossible without your product. As we'll see, the results range from ridiculous to downright sad."

The list includes YouTube videos of the spots, a description of the product being sold, the hyperbole involved, and the reality. Products include the MagneScribe, the Handy Peel and the Easy Toothbrush.

You know what needs to be on here? The Handy Stitch infomercial. We were totally seduced by the idea of making brocaded curtains with Swingline ease while sitting on a bus. After dropping $29.99 on the little bastard, we haven't been able to make jack.

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