Obama Win Repositions 'Fearful America' as 'Young, Optimistic Country'

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"And the people of Iowa heard him, and chose to roll the dice," wrote Arianna Huffington last night, in a tone slightly reminiscent of the Old Testament.

Having dived headfirst into the choppy seas of political advertising (with help from Silverstein) in November, Huffington triumphantly positions Barack Obama's Iowa win as reason one and all should celebrate.

Calling the Bush/Cheney approach a "Be Very Afraid" marketing strategy, the score for Team Obama rewrites us as "a young country, an optimistic country, a forward-looking country, a country not afraid to take risks or to dream big," she gushes.

Maybe those stocking stuffers did the job after all.

If optimism's coursing fresh through your veins, maybe it's time to join the Obamarama.

by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Campaigns, Good, Online, Opinion, Trends and Culture     Jan- 4-08     
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We can hope.

But beware the Machine called Clinton. It eats whom it pleases, spitting out bones and blood.

(He said, in a tone slightly reminiscent of the Old Testament.)

Posted by: Jetpacks on January 4, 2008 01:57 PM

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