Joss Tastes the Flake, Goes into Ecstasies, for Cadbury


For the record, we've never felt a compulsion to watch Joss Stone wrap her lips around a chocolate shaft. But don't mind us, Cadbury (you saucy chocolate peddlers, you!). We just work here.

This ad for Cadbury's Flake is part of an effort to "reference the old adverts but bring a new feel to them," said a company rep to The Sunday Mirror.

The "feel" we got hovers somewhere between a puberty reel and a '50s girl gang smut film.

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in now way suggestive, is it? this campaign went on forever. a girl alone blissfully enjoying her flake.

it should be pointed out that Cadbury's Flake is, without doubt, the most amazing chocolate treat ever created. it's the crack cocaine of chocolate.

Posted by: veedub on February 19, 2008 4:40 PM