Kevin Garnett's Just Like You -- Except Kevin Garnett Has FiOS in His Bathroom


Tonight Verizon debuts this spot for its "This is FiOS; This is Big" campaign.

Put together by McCann Erikson, New York, it depicts Celtics player Kevin Garnett as a guy who can poke fun at his own rich-ass, gratuitous-technology-loving self.

Yeah. It's the "I'm human too! Now let me image-bomb you with everything you can't afford" shtick.

After a comically apathetic technician sets up Garnett's multi-room FiOS, the athlete steamrolls a beat too quickly into his million-dollar line: "So you mean whatever I record here, I can watch over here ... or here ... or here...?"

Each "here" (and there are more!) is punctuated by a camera leap to yet another room in his lavish mansion: eyefuls of beaded chandeliers, heavy draperies, gilded paintings and Ming vases, all in the dull color palate of a risk-averse hotel suite.

A half-hearted fist-bump seals Verizon's fate as an unsuccessful peddler of poor gimmicks.

The ad comes off as a poor man's version of this, which also goes "here, here ... aaaaand here!" but excels where Verizon fails. (It's funny.)

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With all his money he actually doesn't have it. Concord, where he lives hasn't let verizon in, even the expensive neighborhoods, with $5 million plus houses.

Posted by: andre on June 19, 2008 11:57 AM

lol, i live right near him, in acton which is the next town over from acton. I know his address

Posted by: matt on July 16, 2008 5:43 PM